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Trendy Beverages

On the rocks

Beverage Junkies
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Welcome to the Beverage Junkie's Community!

Where drink lovers from all walks of life can get together and indulge.

Whether your weakness is trendy sodas, over-priced coffee, or mixed alcoholic drinks...it's all about beverages here!

So share your favorites drinks, recipes, preferences, even pictures!

1) Introduce yourself.
(We're not gonna force you, but we appreciate it.)

2) Be kind to one another. NO FLAMING!

3) Keep posts drink-related. If you post something that is off-topic (whether accidentally or intentionally), it will be removed. Posts about "How soooooo totally drunk I am/was" are NOT RELATED. Posts like these will be deleted and if appropriate, you will be banned.

4) Use the LJ Cut for entries longer than a paragraph and/or containing more than one picture. If a post is in need of an LJ Cut, the post will be automatically deleted after which you'll be able to repost if it's appropriate. I'm kind of lenient on this one and it's done case-by-case...but there you have it.

The "Related Communities" column has been converted to "Affiliates." Existing related communities will remain for 30 days. If a link back is not provided your community will be removed. Affiliates are allowed to promote their community on the main page of this forum.

Community promo posts on the main page that have not been approved by the moderator (whether they are related or unrelated) will be deleted. You may link to outside related websites, however: posts containing ONLY a link to a website (be it yours or someone else's) with no further explanation will be deleted.

6) This is a community for drinking alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Everyone is welcome. However, I must discourage those under the age of 21 from posting about the consumption of alcohol.

(Trust me, after all this, it's still possible.)

(The Moderator reserves the right to delete any post or ban any member she deems to be in violation of these guidelines. The Moderator will make every effort to notify via comment why your entry was deleted and whether or not it is appropriate to repost)

Grab a cold one and come on in!

Affiliates & Links:
martini_time...moderated by our lovely frootijen!
the_deli...not a community, but a great drink-related journal.

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This community is managed by ophelias_lament

(Established 04.07.2003)

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