FrostDemn (frostdemn) wrote in beverage_junkie,

A disctinct lack of posting...

I certainly hope this community isn't dead.
Anyways, on to business. I was on a road trip with friends this weekend and we stopped by a few gas stations on the way. I sampled something that looked perfect, an "A&W Root Beer Float in a Bottle". It was a glass bottle with a twist-off cap that went for about $2, and suggested all the experiences of a root beer float. I'll say it here, I'm a fan of floats, especially when they're thoroughly blended and stuff, but this one... I think it may have expired. It tasted really sour and unpleasant. Has anybody else tried it? Was it truly expired, or is this the norm? I hope it was just expired, though, since it sounds like a good idea. Anyways, that's all from me. Ciao.
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