She who travels (breakingthrunow) wrote in beverage_junkie,
She who travels

Arizona - Made In Brooklyn

Sweet Tea

I've been a fan of the Arizona brand since I first tried their Mandarin and Plum teas so whenever I see a new flavor, I MUST try it. I had Southern Sweet Tea here and there even though it seems pretty rare outside the American South? It's really just cold, sweetened black tea -- except that sugar/sweetener is added to the hot water before, during or just post brewing but always before it's chilled and served (other than the other ice tea that you sweeten yourself at the table). Apparently, just HOW you prepare the perfect Sweet Tea is subject to discussion, regional difference and personal preference. In any event, I bought this whole gallon of it to try and it's not bad, a little too sweet for my taste. I think I still prefer my Green Tea with Ginseng & Honey that comes in the same gallon size and has a non-sugar version. Arizona does make great stuff.

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