Derick McCormick (drunkasalways) wrote in beverage_junkie,
Derick McCormick

Drinking in Japan

I was fortunate enough to have a bar open at the base level of my house. Oh, by the way, I live off base in Japan. I've found that the Japanese have a way of taking two very different drinks and, by using the secrets of ancent Japanese oregami, turn them into freakishly delicious beverages. One drink that I enjoy here far too much is a drink called, "chuhi". This uses a korean originated drink called, "sochu", (which is almost like a watered down vodka with a touch of sake), and mixes it with selzer water and a touch of some kind of juice, coffee, or tea. Personally I like melon, but if you go to one of the local chuhi stands you can have your pick of more than 50 flavors and I promise you, they're all equilly delicious. What's extra funny is that when you fist get to the chuhi stand you can tell what chuhi everyone is on: The man talking to his buddies, laughing and carrying on and having fun is no further than his third. The woman in the corner with her shirt up to her armpits is between her third and fourth, and the big dude puking around the corner has already enjoyed his 6th or 7th.

Also, the Japanese are a competitive people. When our cultures started to colide in the 50's and 60's they saw that we had an alcohol that was 95 percent, (everclear), so to avoid being outdone they created a drink they call, "spiritous", which is 96 percent. Also, any respectible dive bar is going to carry a drink they call, "habusake", which is basically a heavy sake in a bottle or jar that's had a live toxic snake they call, "habu", dropped into it. The snake spits out all of it's toxic venom and, after letting it sit for a few months, the drink becomes digestible. The venom blocks the liver from processing the alcohol with the result being that the alcohol goes strait into the bloodstream. A couple shots of this and you're good to go. A couple more and you're going NO WHERE. "Where's this guy going? He's going NO WHERE!!!"
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